What Is PTSD: What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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What is PTSD? In this short video we go give you an overview of PTSD works and try to address and answer the question 'what is post traumatic stress disorder?'

Basically PTSD is a condition that develops after a person has gone through a terrifying experience. Often it involves a life threatening situation where a person comes close to death.

PTSD previously was used only to refer to war veterans who returned with symptoms of PTSD but these days many experts diagnose PTSD in individuals for a variety of different reasons and traumatic events.

These events can include things like physical abuse, torture, natural disasters and more – all of which can lead to a person feeling emotionally numb making it hard for them to express true affection.

If you suspect that either yourself or a loved one may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder than expert psychological help should be sought out.


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