What Is An Anxiety Attack?

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If you're unsure about exactly what an anxiety attack is then you should watch this short but information video that answers the simple question 'what is an anxiety attack?' and well as 'what causes an anxiety attack?'.

Basically an anxiety attack is the brains way of handing a stressful situation and it involves both physical and psychological symptoms and depending on when these attacks happen they can often lead to other problems such as additional anxiety, phobias and triggers.

Sometimes anxiety attacks are referred to as 'panic attacks' however there are other types of attacks that exist too.

Attacks usually start when a person feels nauseous our anxious and anxiety attacks are caused most often by a certain 'trigger' which varies from individual to individual.

Triggers could range from anything from being around spiders, being confined into a small room or space or a wide array of other things.

The key to getting through and minimizing the effects of an anxiety attack is to be able to recognize the triggers which can be done with the help of trained psychologists who will guide affected individuals through a process that will allow them to recognize and deal with their anxiety triggers.

Attacks can severely impact how a person lives their lives and the earlier a person seeks treatment the faster they will be able to get back to a normal and fulfilling life.


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