The Definition of Social Phobia

Definition of Social Phobia
If you have a social phobia, it will make you nervous every time you think of a social situation.

Why does this happen? The mind convinces you that a particular situation is a threat. This then assures you to believe that you are not up to the task or you’ll embarrass yourself, or everyone will humiliate you.

Symptoms like sweating, shaking, racing heart, breathing fast and stomach problems appear. These plus several other symptoms end up worsening your ability to overcome anxiety thereby making it difficult doing what you are supposed to.

Social anxiety or social phobia then becomes a problem in life making it hard attending parties, eating in crowded places or going to social events

If you have social anxiety, you will find yourself fearing all social interaction in that which you are not comfortable. Apart from always worrying that you’ll be judged negatively, you’ll also still believe that you might end up embarrassing yourself or getting humiliated.

Social phobia is a condition that occurs the moment you start becoming over nervous. There’s a percentage of the population that secretly struggles with social phobia.

This group always finds it difficult speaking in public or socialising. I know I certainly do. Later we shall look at social phobia profoundly and its symptoms.
Social phobia will make you worried about any situation that will trigger these symptoms.

In some cases, a person will end up avoiding the things that will expose them to fear.
Many people who struggle with this condition find it challenging getting new friends or maintaining healthy relationships.

A woman punches a man this shows how anxious she feels around him socially (done in jest)

A person who struggles with anxiety prefers staying at home to spend time with people close to them rather than going out to meet new people or attend social situations.

This anxiety is always strong sometimes compelling the sufferer to avoid situations in which they are not comfortable The problem starts when an individual begins thinking that they are not capable of doing something or they do not have confidence.

This kind of a person always looks at himself as incompetent, unable to cope like everybody else. They see themselves as shy, anxious and weak. Mention anything to do with social situations, and they will start sweating.

Social phobia affects a person’s ability to speak in public. Fear of public speaking is a stressful experience causing fear in different ways.

Being in the company of other’s you’ll find it uneasy if you are struggling with social anxiety because of the fear of saying something embarrassing. Participating in the small talk will be a problem as a result.

This constant fear can be so severe that it becomes a problem going to work, school or spending time with people.
The first step in overcoming anxiety is always learning how to identify and control the fear.

No matter what the condition is making you go through just accept it and look for the best treatment
When you are out there, nobody can see that you are anxious. In fact, if at all you show signs of being anxious, your audience will conclude that maybe it was not the best day for you or something distracted you.

Social anxiety begins at an early, but it can sometimes start after the age of 20. About 8% of the population has struggled with this condition at some stage.

If not detected early enough it can become worse and prevent you from reaching your full potential.
The impact that social anxiety can have on the quality of life a person has should be understood.
Has social anxiety taken over your life? This is the best time to take back your life. Do not wait any longer.

Go for it and never look back. If it makes you believe that everyone will judge you in a negative way maybe it’s time to know that perfection is an impossibility.

You do not have to be perfect or fulfil every person’s expectations. There is no way everyone out there will like what you say or do.

When talking to your audience, don’t think you’ll make everyone happy. It’s time to look at your anxiety from a different perspective.

Before you expect everyone to like what you have to say do you personally like all of them out there? By looking at your fear from a different perspective, you’ll be able to understand your situation better Remember you are not the first person whose struggling with anxiety.

Even some of the most prominent people in the world experienced anxiety before they overcame it.

Do not waste your time suffering in silence. Look for a working solution to overcome your social anxiety.

A more in-depth look at your situation will reveal that the things you always fear do not exist.
Anxiety disorder and social phobia
How well do you understand your shyness? It’s normal to be shy, but this shyness should not be too much.

Shyness usually decreases as you age. There are cases where this shyness develops gradually into fear. Fear can prevent you from interacting with people not only because they lack the interest but because of the fear of being humiliated or embarrassed.

Greyscale picture of a shy woman

If the fear is related to social situations, in most cases, it will appear days before the actual day. Panic starts creeping in coupled with confusion hence worsening the whole situation.

A person will spend most of their time worrying about what other’s think.
In some countries, social phobia is a high priority disorder that should be treated sooner rather than later.

According to findings, there are more women than men who struggle with social anxiety.
The number of people struggling with social anxiety out there has increased the fear of humiliation and affects your actions causing you to concentrate on what people think about you rather than putting more effort into overcoming the situation.

This state then forces you to come up with a strategy to avoid embarrassing situations altogether. You start thinking about how to escape. What this shows is that the main thing that causes your worry and anxiety is the fear of negative evaluation.

This pushes you into trying to impress people to avoid getting humiliated. Believing in your abilities becomes difficult thereby driving you away from social situations.

If you want to stop anxiety from developing into a permanent problem, it’s essential to come up with strategies to help you cope early enough. The following are the reasons why some individuals end up struggling with anxiety for years

If you always think that anxiety is the norm then you end up developing a negative mentality when handling social situations.

Staying on the dark side of life due to constant fear of social situations, therefore, complicating your ability to control and overcome anxiety.

You should not come up with excuses to avoid social situations. You find yourself spending a lot of time worrying about how people will judge you.

Allowing negative thoughts about social situations to cloud your thinking will lead to you imagining worst case scenario’s

Anxiety becomes a permanent problem because you spend more time on adverse actions instead of coming up with a strategy that can help you avoid anxiety.

There are studies that associate anxiety with low self-esteem. The sufferer always believes that they are inferior. If they still miss these situations, it becomes challenging meeting new people.

Plan on how to treat this condition if you are a sufferer then look for a therapist to give you further advice.

Anxiety sufferers know the things that trigger their anxiety. To avoid the problem, a sufferer should identify the causes of their anxiety and find the best answer.

It’s always important to understand what you are going through before doing anything else.


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