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The Anxiety Diary “Jelly or Wobbly Unsteady Legs” Panic & Anxiety Symptoms

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! During the time I've suffered with Anxiety, Jelly legs has been one of the most disruptive symptoms to my progress. From out of nowhere, I seem to lose the ability to stand still or put one foot in front of another to walk. Here I discuss my recent experiences with Jelly/Wobbly legs, and explain how I think I might have eased the feeling in the moment. Again, I'm not sure anyone will find this useful, but it certainly helps […]

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Jelly Legs, Weak or Wobbly Legs & Trouble Walking – Anxiety Symptoms 101

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Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Ever had the feeling that your legs just won’t carry you? Feeling a weakness through your legs which seems to have come on rapidly. Standing in a line at a supermarket, or standing talking to a neighbour, and all you can think about is how disconnected your legs feel from the rest of your body. If you have then you are possibly experiencing a common symptom of anxiety which is often referred to as Jelly Legs. Here we take […]

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