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Life or Loathe – Don’t Be Impressed By A Feeling

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! I really wasn't feeling making a video today, as I've been making some nice progress with just doing everyday things and not focussing on anxiety. But I needed to let you guys know how I'm doing and what kind of things I'm doing to help me move forward. If anyone has a problem with my views in this one then please feel free to email me and we'll talk it through like normal human beings. #ExposureTherapy #Agoraphobia #Anxiety ———————– […]

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Pushing The Limits With Exposure Therapy – Anxiety & Agoraphobia Video Diary

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Another day and another chance to practice pushing my anxiety limits with some exposure therapy. This was a second attempt at this walk, after the first attempt failed to record my voice on the video. I was determined to show viewers that this treatment for anxiety really does work. I've made big strides over the course of the last few days and although I'm feeling my anxiety during the sessions, it's teaching me every time that I can get […]

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