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The Sequel – Anxiety & Agoraphobia Workout

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Another episode in my personal journey with anxiety and agoraphobia. If you've not watched my previous vlog called "This is the life" then I'd recommend taking a quick look at that one first, as this episode is a follow on from that one. Today I decided to take myself back to the store I left in the last episode due to heightened anxiety. I was determined to see this one through. A fresh mindset and a new determination. Join […]

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Anxiety 101 – Ep 12 – Panic Isn’t A Bad Thing w/Drew from That Anxiety Guy

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! The title might confuse a few at first glance, but the reality is that you can only learn that panic attacks won't harm you, by actually seeing them through. It may not be something you want to experience, but learning that you are in no real danger from panic, is a good thing. Feel the fear and do it anyway. ———————– Find the original article here: http://www.thatanxietyguy.com/dealing-with-anxiety-the-only-way-out-is-through/ If anyone would like to ask any questions for a future episodes […]

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