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The Definition of Social Phobia

Definition of Social Phobia If you have a social phobia, it will make you nervous every time you think of a social situation. Why does this happen? The mind convinces you that a particular situation is a threat. This then assures you to believe that you are not up to the task or you’ll embarrass yourself, or everyone will humiliate you. Symptoms like sweating, shaking, racing heart, breathing fast and stomach problems appear. These plus several other symptoms end up worsening your ability to overcome anxiety thereby […]

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Positive Self Talk – Mental Health Podcast #3

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Another episode of the Anxiety United Mental Health podcast and this time it's to talk about positive self talk. Being a sufferer of anxiety or depression, it's common to get caught up in a vicious circle of negative thinking and negative self talk. This mental health podcast talks about how to replace those negative thoughts and replace them with positive, reaffirming self talk. ———- If you enjoy this Anxiety United podcast, please click the LIKE button and hit SUBSCRIBE […]

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