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Went Out & Nothing Happened – Anxiety Vlog

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! I've been out a couple of times during the last 48 hours and nothing really happened. I know that doesn't make for good viewing for youtube, but it's been quite refreshing for a change. If you like this video and please make sure you hit the LIKE button and SHARE this video with your friends. And if you want to see more from Anxiety United, make sure you hit the SUBSCRIBE button with NOTIFICATIONS ON to stay updated on […]

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Uncomfortable Sensations and Social Situations

EXPOSURE TO UNCOMFORTABLE SENSATIONS AND SOCIAL SITUATIONS Once we have a few of the strategies for developing greater self confidence Learned in our last post of our Blogg, the next big step is to start practicing what many therapists refer to as “Exposure Therapy”. This combination can be thought of as a kind of “one two” punch to knock out Social Anxiety disorder. For the majority of people nothing works better – and on top of that having a professional to help can be of some benefit, […]

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Life or Loathe – Don’t Be Impressed By A Feeling

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! I really wasn't feeling making a video today, as I've been making some nice progress with just doing everyday things and not focussing on anxiety. But I needed to let you guys know how I'm doing and what kind of things I'm doing to help me move forward. If anyone has a problem with my views in this one then please feel free to email me and we'll talk it through like normal human beings. #ExposureTherapy #Agoraphobia #Anxiety ———————– […]

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Courage & Willingness – Anxiety & Agoraphobia Video Diary

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Over the past 12 years of living with anxiety, agoraphobia and panic I've had many ups and downs. It occured to me today that in the past when I've made progress, it's usually been down to one thing. Courage. I've had setbacks, I've been terrified of symptoms and sensations, I've been housebound and I've felt despair. The one thing that's always pulled me from where I've felt like is rock bottom, is Courage. This past few weeks I've felt […]

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Exposure Therapy Lets Walk – Anxiety Vlog

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Today I decided (after a few hours procrastinating) to get myself outdoors and go for a walk. It's been a few weeks since I've taken on any kind of real exposure therapy for my anxiety and agoraphobia. Unfortunately, you'll see that it didn't go exactly to plan, with my old friend panic showing up. OUR PATREON CAMPAIGN https://www.patreon.com/anxietyunited Thank you for looking If anyone would like to ask any questions for a future Q&A, then please leave them in […]

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Teen Anxiety Attacks: Signs, Symptoms and Remedies


All teens, just like any adult, feel anxious from time to time as a normal reaction to stressors. Going on a date, speaking in public, meeting new people, competing in sports, performing on stage, and taking exams are some of the things that make us feel apprehensive. However, some teens experience severe anxiety than others. Some even feel severe anxiety by just thinking about the situation that has yet to happen. And when someone experiences episodes of panics or develops irrational fear over certain events or problems, […]

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