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Guided Relaxation Exercise For Anxiety – Mental Health Resources

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Struggling to relax your body and mind? Give this guided relaxation audio exercise a try to help ease your anxiety. Take 10 minutes out of your day to give yourself a break. This guided relaxation exercise is split in to 2 parts, firstly we look at slowing and regulating your breathing and then moving on to a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Relaxation should be an important part of your daily routine, slowing down your racing thoughts and giving your […]

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5 Top Tips on How To Reduce Anxiety – Mental Health

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Here's a video on 5 things you can start to do right now to help reduce and relieve anxiety. Following these tips on how to reduce anxiety will have a positive effect on your life. The tips are to start acknowledging and accepting your anxiety, using positive self talk, using certain distraction techniques, reducing avoiding situations which provoke anxiety and practicing relaxation. This video is not offering advice on how to stop anxiety or on how to stop panic […]

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