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Can Yoga Reduce Anxiety? – 5 Benefits of Yoga for Anxiety

yoda reduce anxiety

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Want to learn more about what practicing Yoga can do for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks? In this video, we'll tell you a little about the origins of yoga, how it can help you if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks and where you can find free yoga lessons and exercises on the internet specifically for anxiety. Practicing yoga and meditation exercises regularly can have a dramatic and lasting effect on your levels of anxiety. We list the […]

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5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise – Mindfulness for Anxiety

grounding excercise

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Have you ever heard of the term ‘Grounding’? Grounding is a simple but effective Mindfulness technique that can be used to help you when you feel anxiety building. When you feel like the anxiety is taking over, when you feel numb, like you are in a dream, lost in past events, or having an out-of-body like experience. Grounding helps to bring us back to the present moment, the here and now, to help us realise that we are safe […]

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