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Pushing The Limits With Exposure Therapy – Anxiety & Agoraphobia Video Diary

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Another day and another chance to practice pushing my anxiety limits with some exposure therapy. This was a second attempt at this walk, after the first attempt failed to record my voice on the video. I was determined to show viewers that this treatment for anxiety really does work. I've made big strides over the course of the last few days and although I'm feeling my anxiety during the sessions, it's teaching me every time that I can get […]

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Exposure Therapy Lets Walk – Anxiety Vlog

Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! Today I decided (after a few hours procrastinating) to get myself outdoors and go for a walk. It's been a few weeks since I've taken on any kind of real exposure therapy for my anxiety and agoraphobia. Unfortunately, you'll see that it didn't go exactly to plan, with my old friend panic showing up. OUR PATREON CAMPAIGN https://www.patreon.com/anxietyunited Thank you for looking If anyone would like to ask any questions for a future Q&A, then please leave them in […]

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Eat, Sleep, Be Brave, Repeat – Exposure Therapy for Anxiety, Agoraphobia & Panic Attacks


Be FREE of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks! After yesterdays successful walk I decided to tackle the very same task. The key to exposure therapy is to repeat these tasks until the anxiety subsides. Todays walk had a very different feel and proved to be 50x more intense than yesterday. I'm glad I did it, but it makes tomorrows task that little more daunting knowing what I've faced today.

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