Natural Remedies for Social Anxiety

If you are familiar at all with the natural health movement you are probably aware that many ailments can be treated effectively without resorting to using potentially dangerous drugs and chemicals.

Social Anxiety disorder is no different. Mainstream Doctors and therapists don’t often share this information with their clients, but the truth is that there are natural remedies that can help not only make social anxiety more manageable, but even help cure it.

These shouldn’t be considered stand alone measures, but when combined with the other methods shared here they can be an absolutely huge help.

Results vary by individual and, of course, always be sure that you aren’t allergic or ultra sensitive to any of the items below before taking full doses


• popular root native to the Pacific islands,
• Kava and Kava extracts are known to have a calming effect
• minus the problems associated with narcotics.
• Mild and non addictive Kava gives many people relief from social anxiety
• Use in moderation as tolerance is known to quickly build up with daily use.

B Vitamins.

• B vitamins are probably the most popular and widely used remedy for social anxiety disorder.
• Supplementing with B vitamins has been shown in studies (and real world experience) to promote emotional calmness and stability.
• Often very high doses are used – a testament to B vitamins overall safety.

B Vitamins

• St John’s Wort is such a powerful treatment for anxiety and depression in some countries this herb is considered a prescription drug.
• St John’s Wort should always be treated with respect and only sourced from reputable supplement companies as their has been reports of inferior products out on the market looking to cash in on its top notch reputation.

St Johns Wort.


• Potassium deficiency is known to aggravate anxiety and feelings of depression.
• Taking a potassium supplement or eating potassium rich foods (like bananas) can counter act this,
• This is especially important in hot climates or for those who are involved in athletic activities. Sweating can cause potassium depletion!


• A healthy treat that natural health experts credit as an anti depressant.
• Some recommend adding a bit of organic honey and nutmeg to a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning. Many swear by it.


• Almond Milk and Almond Butter. Almonds are a healthy food that have been shown to have a natural calming effect.
• Versatile and easy to incorporate into a diet (as long as no nut allergies are present) almonds, almond milk and almond butter are all great options for the person combating Social Anxiety disorder.


• Don’t forget a solid healthy diet is a must when we are fighting Social Anxiety disorder.

• These remedies on top of it can truly speed up the healing process and give us more emotional freedom and freedom to act.
• A few good Guide books on diet and exercise can become almost as valuable to your progress as anything else.
• The old adage a “healthy body leads to a healthy mind” is not just some cliche. It’s solid advice that should be taken to heart.


Two People communicating

• One of the side effects of having suffered from Social Anxiety disorder for any period of time is not having had the chance to develop effective communication skills.

• This stings two ways. First it can cause social stumbles when in the early days of working to cure one’s Social Anxiety disorder.
• Secondly, even when the social anxiety phobia is gone or near gone it can still create a kind of awkwardness that can be difficult to overcome.

• Making an effort to learn how to communicate more effectively right from the start of working through your social anxiety pays huge dividends.
• Sticking with it for the long run will do wonders for your continued quality of life.
These tips will help.
• Focus on the Person or People You are Speaking With.

• Social Anxiety will tempt you to think of everything,
but the conversation you are engaging in.
By doing your best to focus on the person or people you are talking with and the conversation you are engaged in, social anxiety will lose some of its steam.

You will also be much more able to establish a sense of rapport. Everyone loves a good listener don’t they?

Avoid Interrupting.

It’s only natural that you would feel a need to speak quickly in an effort to break free of social anxiety’s grasp. This over compensation is not a way to effectively communicate.

Instead make an effort to not interrupt others when they talk. All great communicators master this skill.
Keep things Simple.

Anxiety can make you long winded. As much as possible, in nearly every situation, keeping things simple, direct and to the point will allow you to communicate much more effectively.

Don’t worry about sounding intelligent
or trying to impress with a huge vocabulary. Communicating clearly, understanding and being understood is the goal that you should be focusing on.

Not trying to make things over complicated.

Don’t Be Afraid to Plan Ahead.

If you are planning to have a conversation about something in advance don’t be afraid to have a few key points in mind before hand.

These can help you stay on point and be sure that all of the things you would like to touch on are discussed.

Planning ahead can even involve writing things down and looking them over a few times if that learning method resonates well with you, like it does with many.

The important thing to keep in mind with this tip is to not be afraid of planning ahead for an important conversation.

Speak at a Moderate Pace and at a Moderate Volume.
Social Anxiety can unconsciously alter our speaking habits to make them less than perfect in communicating effectively.

Speaking too low out of shyness or too quickly out of nervousness are common problems that can be corrected with just a little practice.

Recruit a sympathetic ear to lend a hand or even using a tape recorder to practice with, can help you correct these issues.

Speaking at a moderate pace in a moderate volume are hallmarks of a good communicator.

Communication is key! With these tips in mind great conversations are right around the corner.


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