Is Mindfulness Useful In Combatting Fear And Anxiety?

Anxiety and fear

This is to illustrate fear as a major factor in anxiety

Mindfulness is it an answer?

Its a buzz word that’s bandied around today, used in conjunction with mental health and counselling. But is it just some kind hippy hocus pocus or is it indeed useful?.I know that there are many practitioners throughout the globe. As an ex-life coach, I have to be open-minded and explore anything that may help clients.

What works for some will not work for others, it’s about what works for you. Mindfulness is an alternative to traditional methods, such as medication and counselling. Alternative therapists often use it. A lot of it is based on accepting your fear or anxiety, and learning how to cope positively.

You see our minds are programmed to run away from these emotions and to place them in the wrong not good association draw. Quite often it is the hormone adrenaline that kicks in. Where your heart starts beating faster and you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.


These feelings in some of us bring on a panic attack, as we don’t know what to do and cannot think clearly. Mindfulness is about self-awareness, acceptance, trust and being present in every moment. You also have to learn to be patient.


This is something that you will have to develop. There is no miracle cure otherwise somebody would be wealthy by now.To use patience to its fullest you have to accept fear and anxiety. To live in the moment. Face these emotions, not avoid them. Question yourself , what is it you fear? I fear failure, and not living up to others expectations, and never being good enough for a partner or loved one. I also worry growing old on my own.

You will have your fears and anxiety worries that may be different to mine. Be patient and aware as they unfold before you.


We cannot change our behaviours if we do not accept these emotions. It is essential to take yourself first. We all hate that looking at yourself in a mirror mumbo jumbo but it can help us have a heart to heart with our inner self. It is up to you to feel compassionate as you do this. Talk to yourself and try to understand what it is that is blocking your peace.

Living For Now

We cannot let past events influence what is happening at that very moment. It’s gone, and there is nothing we can do to change their outcome. Looking at things logically and as if they were new experiences. After all, every moment is unique and should be treated as such. Therefore it has numerous possibilities.

Self Trust

We create our fear of failure, being judged and attaining success. It seems as if it’s almost part of our culture and in our anxiety DNA. If we attempt something and fail, then as long as we gave it our best shot it is OK. You have to make mistakes, and feel uncomfortable to learn. Therefore failure is not always negative.


So the jury is out on this but if it works for you use it.