Is Anxiety Hereditary / Genetic Or Learned?

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If you're asking the question 'is anxiety hereditary?' then this video should be of interest to you. In this short explained video we'll try to answer the question 'is anxiety genetic or learned?'.

Anxiety is not always hereditary however studies do show that genetics play at least some role in whether a person will suffer from an anxiety disorder or not.

About half of all people that are diagnosed with panic disorder have a relative with the same disorder. GAD (or Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is slightly less hereditary with around 40% of relatives sharing the same disorder. People with relatives that have been diagnosed with OCD are shown to be 9 times as likely to also suffer from obsessive compulsive disorders.

Genes and hereditary however are just one part of the reason that a person develops an anxiety disorder. Work stress and other reasons can lead to a person without any anxiety in their family to still suffer from one of these disorders.


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