Depersonalisation or Depersonalization, Feelings of Unreality – Anxiety Symptoms 101

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Depersonalisation or Depersonalization is one of the most common, yet difficult to describe symptoms of anxiety.

Have you ever had the feeling that your head feels all foggy, when everything feels surreal and your head feels woozy or spaced out?

Maybe, feeling like you’re not real or your surroundings aren’t real, like you’re living in a dream state.

As well as being difficult to describe, this sensation is often one of the hardest to understand and it’s not uncommon to think that you might actually be going mad, which can actually make you even more anxious.

Well, let us just clear this one up before we go any further. This belief that you are losing your mind or going mad is completely false and we assure you that you’re in no danger.

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