Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Teens

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Separation anxiety typically occurs in children but can also occur in teenagers too. In this video we'll give you a short introduction to dealing with separation anxiety in teenagers.

Teenagers who have lost a parent or guardian, bullied at school or gone through a traumatic event may be more likely to suffer from separation anxiety.

Symptoms of separation anxiety in teens include:

– Separation nightmares.
– Excessive worrying about parents/guardians.
– Fear of being alone.
– Physical problems like headaches or stomach aches.
– Refusal to sleep away from home without parents.
– Panic when separated from parents.
– Refusal to go to school.
– Excessive worrying about safety.

Often these symptoms can prevent teenagers from doing well in school and maintaining a good quality of life and for this reason it's important for parents to look for and to identify the symptoms early so that they can be address through therapy or medication.


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