How our mind approaches the idea of change is a key factor in our feelings of Social Anxiety. Being able to change our thoughts to a more positive outlook is in many ways a learned skill. The same thing can be said about managing our expectations in a way free from over negativity. When these two inner battlefields are mastered much steam is taken out of the sails of Social Anxiety disorder.
Developing more control over how we think and what we expect can be thought of as a kind of “inner game” of happiness. Taking these steps will help develop real power where you very likely need it the most!

Think about being in the Now!!

Do your Best to Be in the NOW
Social Anxiety disorder stings us through running events in our mind that occur in our future should we socially interact with a person or people. A way to “trick” our

mind into not running through these processes is to do our best to stay in the “now”.
The more we think about what’s occurring right in front of us and disengage from thoughts of the future socially, the less power Social Anxiety holds over us. Whole systems of self help philosophy have been set up around this simple idea and for good reason – it works and works well.
If you would like to explore this actionable idea that’s worth its weight in gold further pick up a copy of “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. You may join the many who find it an inspiration in their struggles with Social Anxiety.

Make a Conscious Decision to Skip Perfectionism
All progress is good and gets us closer to our goal of living completely free of Social Anxiety. The idea of being overly self critical and practicing perfectionism can be a huge road block towards achieving our goal of being

social anxiety free. We don’t need this pressure at all as it only serves to make our work more difficult and sabotage our gains. Instead recognize that some days are better than others and every step forward is worth celebrating over. This mind set will reward you again and again – especially when you realize emotional freedom comes quicker and easier than when you demand too much of yourself.
Strive to Forget About What Others Think.
None of us can ever please everybody all the time. Nor can we expect positive reactions from others at all times either. These are completely unrealistic expectations that no one, I repeat NO ONE, can live up to. You take back your personal power when you care less about what others may or may not be thinking
You throw water on the flames of Social Anxiety when you are able to move beyond concerns of what others are thinking at all times. Or even most of the time. Instead strive to invest your energy in thinking positive and taking action. This is what you can control nearly 100%

and what you can influence nearly 100%. It’s the wisest and best way to spend your energy. Believe it or not shifting our thoughts away from what others are thinking and onto something else is as simple as it sounds.
The truth to these pieces of advice are easily confirmed. Try it and see for yourself!