Becoming More Confident

A young man who is dressed smartly and looks full of confidence

An obvious need for anyone in the fight to cure their Social Anxiety disorder is to gain more self confidence. In fact, you can think of self confidence as being the exact opposite of social anxiety – it’s the ability to summon up the power to engage socially without fear or anxiety.

Fortunately, we have many sources to draw from when we consider ways to help build confidence. It’s a subject that’s very dear to everyone from those seeking more business success, to those aspiring to excel more at athletics to dating coaches hoping to help their clients improve their relationships.

These are many who share a need to see real results in their attempts to build confidence. Which makes them excellent sources to draw inspiration from when we are looking for methods to build our own confidence in the face of Social Anxiety disorder.

exposing yourself to the situations that have been known to cause your Social Anxiety to appear is one of the paths to emotional freedom!

Practice Positive Visualisations

What the mind believes it can achieve. Spend at least thirty minutes a day visualising yourself in any one of the situations that commonly causes you to experience social anxiety and that situation ending with an absolutely wonderful outcome.

This exercise “tricks” your mind into the habit of expecting good results in social situations. It doesn’t work overnight, but once it seeps into your subconscious mind the change can be sudden like a lightning flash.

The more time you spend each day dedicated to your visualisations (ideally in two sittings first thing in the morning and again before bed at night) the better!

Train Yourself to Move Confidently.

A second trick of the subconscious mind is how much our physiology, or how we carry our bodies, has influence on it. By always reminding ourselves to carry ourselves physically “as if” we were feeling confident, we make it much more likely for real confidence to follow.

Chin up, shoulders back and a smile. Make eye contact when speaking. Many don’t believe the potency of this technique until they try it. Give it a chance and you will likely become a believer in it too.

Explore Becoming More Fit.

Building up physical fitness through exercise and a healthy diet can pay off in big ways in self confidence. Becoming stronger and feeling better often can’t help but translate into a more confidence sense of self.

There’s no need to dive into complicated programs that may be stressful to follow, start off slow and work on becoming more active each day. As you become more fit don’t be surprised to see your confidence grow as well.

Yoga often suggested as an effective tool against anxiety
it can be gentle or more physically demanding.

Find a Role Model.

If you have a person in your life who is confident why not spend time modeling their behavior? Having a resource like this to work with and learn from is a secret of success that has also been a part of the program used to cure many people of their social anxiety.

Can you think of

anyone in your own life who may be a good choice to learn from?

In my next post we will touch on just where and how you can apply these confidence gaining techniques. Are you ready?