6 Tips For Overcoming Performance Anxiety

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There are millions of people in the world that experience performance anxiety to some degree and it can cause a lot of issues with a persons self esteem over time. If you suffer from performance anxiety then be sure to watch this video the whole way through as it will show you how to overcome performance anxiety by using six simple but effective tips and techniques.

Overcoming performance anxiety definitely isn't easy but with the right treatments and medications you can cure it.

The six tips that you can use to deal with performance anxiety are:

1) Prepare In Advance. It sounds simple but it's very effective. Get into the habit of preparing more before a performance. The idea is the more that you practice the more automatic it will become for you and the less anxiety you have when actually performing that task whether it be a sports event, a piano concert or anything else!

2) Practice Calming Exercises. Before a performing practice a variety of calming and breathing exercises that are designed to reduce anxiety. By performing these exercises you will help to restore the balance in your mind and emotions so that you wont be so afraid to perform.

3) Focus on the audience. And by this we mean focus on how much they are enjoying the performance. Many times people focus too far inwards and fail to notice that the audience is actually having a great time so by focusing on this factor you can sometimes reduce your anxiety and panic levels greatly.

4) Seek Out therapy. Sometimes the only way to solve performance anxiety (particularly with more severe cases) is to get therapy from a trained professional. These professionals will be able to use psychotherapy to guide a person through their performance fears and can help them to devise strategies to cure your performance anxiety.

5) Expect Mistakes. Perfectionism can lead to severe performance anxiety but if you allow and even expect mistakes to happen then it takes a lot of the pressure of of you and helps to reduce your performance anxiety.

6) Limit Your Sugar & Caffeine Intake. Both of these things can have a negative impact on your body's stress level so if you are going to perform it's a good idea to try to avoid both sugar and caffeine beforehand.


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